CSS DHS Data Statement

The undersigned hereby undertakes to carry out work on the data of the CentER Savings Survey and/or DNB Household Survey, in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. He/she undertakes to keep confidential any information in the CentER Savings Survey and DNB Household Survey concerning individual persons, households, enterprises or institutions which comes to his/her knowledge during the work on these projects.
  2. He/she undertakes not to distribute data of the CentER Savings Survey and DNB Household Survey to others without permission from Centerdata.
  3. He/she undertakes to use the data for purely scientific (i.e. noncommercial) research only.
  4. He/she provides a copy of all publications based on the data to Centerdata by email to statements@centerdata.nl and includes the following acknowledgement: "In this paper use is made of data of the DNB Household Survey administered by Centerdata (Tilburg University, The Netherlands)."
  5. This statement shall remain valid, even after conclusion of the work specified.

If you have any questions about this statement please contact us by mailing statements@centerdata.nl.


CSS & DHS data

The data of the CSS & DNB Household Survey are available for scientific use. You can download the data under certain conditions. Please read them carefully.

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